Monday, March 1, 2010

Pucker Up!

Hey look!

It's a lemon cupcake!

On my desk!

Clearly I'm getting desperate for pictures.

Once again I forgot to take a picture (or more accurately, ask my husband to take a picture).

And then I was about to enjoy my cupcake creation on break today and realized my blunder.

So I whipped out my trusty camera phone and snapped a few hasty pics next to my keyboard.

And then I devoured that tiny cake.

It was delicious!

There is a sweetly tart, creamy lemon curd beneath that lemon butter cream frosting, tucked inside that vanilla-lemon cupcake.

Everything about that was right.


Still not sure what's up next week, but I'll work on it in the next few days and I'll get back at 'ya!

Happy Monday!


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