Monday, January 4, 2010

52 weeks

What have I been doing these last few weeks?

Well, there has been some baking (with no pictures!). My apologies for the camera delinquency.

The reasons are few.

But here they are.

1. My camera sucks.

2. I borrowed my mom's camera.

3. And then I had to give it back.

There, that about sums it up.

But, there was baking.

Cupcake baking.

And my family can attest to the yum-factor of double chocolate fudge cupcakes filled with chocolate peppermint ganache and topped with vanilla butter cream.

Oh, and did I mention the edges were rolled in crushed peppermint candy?

Well, they were.

Man, I wish I had pictures of that!

I'll make them again. I promise.

And then I'll beg, borrow or steal any camera within my reach and snap at least one photo of those beauties.

Because you deserve to see them.

I did manage to click a quick photo of these baby rattle cupcakes I made for a baby shower last week. Gingerbread spice cake with cream cheese frosting.

I've also been watching movies.

Movie to be exact.

Three words.

Julie & Julia.

Side note: Does the '&' sign count as a word? Either way, I'm sticking with it.

I have been newly inspired by this little flick!

While drinking my morning coffee I came up with a plan.

Want to hear it?

I'm taking a cue from Julie. I'm going to take on a challenge.

A cupcake challenge.

I am going to make a different cupcake every week.

52 different cupcakes in a year.

Gasp! I typed it.

Does that mean I actually have to do it?

It makes me a first date kind of way...a good kind of nervous.

There's one big difference between my challenge and Julie's.

I will not be using recipes from other cooks.

I hope to concoct a plan on my own.

I will, of course, use inspiration from cookbooks and cupcake bakeries for my flavors, but as always I will use my base recipe and work my flavors into it.

I think it's going to be fantastic.

Want to come along?

My first week starts today.

And my first cupcake is: Chocolate Covered Strawberry.

Chocolate cupcake, strawberry cream filling, rich chocolate butter cream frosting.

I've already made the strawberry filling. The finished product will be up on Thursday.

See you then!



Alan, Kimberly, Landon, and Bentley said...

The baby rattle cupcakes look even cuter than I remember them! So looking forward to those!

Also, what is your recommended lead time for orders? The chocolate covered strawberry sounds divine and I'm planning on hosting a play group next week for Landon's birthday (forget Elmo cupcakes). Could you do two dozen by next Tuesday (the 12th) or Wednesday (the 13th)? I haven't sent out the Evite yet so I can be flexible.

kkvernen said...

How fun! I just wish I could sample all of these amazing creations! Can't wait to see what lies ahead.


kkvernen said...

Yeah, I finally got to comment!

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