Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The perfect combo

Let's talk about love.

The love of chocolate.

The love of peanut butter.

The LOVE of chocolate AND peanut butter!

Apart these are two of my favorite flavors.

Together they are what I expect heaven might taste like. You know, if you could lick heaven!

So why wouldn't I turn that into a cupcake?

I would, of course.

Because I can. And that's how I roll.

Oh, but I didn't make just one. No, friends. I made a dozen.

12 moist, peanut butter cupcakes with whipped chocolate ganache filling, topped with peanut butter butter cream and rolled in crushed peanut butter cups.

Don't look at me like that. I didn't bring them to YOUR house.

You can still eat your salad and fit into your skinny jeans.

Me? I'm moved past the skinny jeans. I embrace stretchy pants, with a cupcake in each hand.

Happy Wednesday!


Julia Anderson said...

Hey remember when I was like, "No! Just make the Salted Nut Cakes!"? I clearly hadn't seen these or embraced their concept at all. I apologize. NO! I don't apologize! Now you've made cupcake decision making even more grueling! Dang you Katie of Kate's BakeShop. Dang you!!!

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