Thursday, January 21, 2010

Peanut Butter Oreo baby!!

Ok, I would just like to apologize right now for the hideous pictures included in this post.

I apologize.

Sometimes my cell phone takes wicked amazing photos.

Sometimes, not so much.

This is one of those times I wish my blog was scratch and sniff...or lick.

That way you could TASTE the cupcakes and know they were delicious.

Because let's be honest, the pictures just aren't going to do them justice.

But here they are.

Peanut Butter Oreo cupcakes.

They are cupcake magic like I can't even explain. Cup - Cake - Magic!

Fluffy, soft chocolate cake, billowy marshmallow filling, peanut butter frosting...and then there are the Oreos!

What is it about that cookie that makes you want a handful...or two...or four??

It's the only 'bagged' cookie that crushes my diet resolve and sends me rushing back to the cupboard mere seconds after the first bite.

They were a welcome addition to my mini-cake creation.

Here's another unbelievably awful picture - but it shows the ooey-gooey inside. And you need to see that.

There are so many things right with this cupcake.

It completely made up for the fact that only days earlier I'd had to throw out an entire batch of peanut butter cupcakes (in their ADORABLE souffle cup wrappers!) because I'd undercooked them.

Seriously people I had to go take a nap after that incident. A nap and a hug from my love and I was back in the kitchen baking again.

You know what they fall off the bike...

Anyways, there's been no biking here - the ice and snow make anything on less than four wheels downright treacherous!

Wow, how did I get there? Back to cupcakes.

These were yummy and you should whip some up.

You'll thank me. Just don't tell your hips it was me who gave you the idea. There's a good chance they won't forgive me.

Ok, voting time again.

Next week's contenders:

1. Maple Cream

2. Key Lime Pie

3. Lemon Coconut

Off you go!


Anonymous said...

Don't you have a fancy camera to use when taking pictures of those delicious cupcakes!?!? Nice work Katie...all of the cupcakes look YUMMY!!!

Julia Anderson said...

This cupcake wins every prize. Delicious.

Robin Melina said...

This cupcake is the BEST!!! I need to get 2 dozen of these to bring up north.

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