Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Persian Lime Pie Cupcakes

Those are limes.

I've learned a thing or two about limes this week.

The things I'm learning!

Did you know that key lime pie is actually made with 'key limes'??

I'm not pulling your leg - it's the God's honest truth!

I read it on the world wide web. :)

Up until a few days ago I was pretty sure that a lime was a lime was a lime.

Not so dear reader!

Apparently the limes that are in my local Cub foods are what's known as Persian limes.

So, instead of making Key Lime Pie Cupcakes, I made Persian Lime Pie Cupcakes.

Because I couldn't find Key Limes.

And shipping limes from Key West just wasn't an option.

I mean, I love you, but there are boundaries people!

Persian limes it is.

And they made fantastically delicious cupcakes so who am I to discriminate?

You can still call them Key Lime Pie Cupcakes if you want to.

I won't tell.

Ok, let's get down to business.

I'm going to be honest and tell you that this week presented a real challenge for me.

There are several reasons and I know you want me to outline them for you, so here goes:

1. I've never actually had a piece of key lime pie.

2. I don't have a recipe for, nor have I ever made anything lime-flavored.

And the biggest obstacle...

3. I wanted a cupcake that a 'key lime pie aficionado' wouldn't turn away. But I didn't want to make mini key lime pies...I wanted to make cupcakes.

My life is tough, I know.

I deserve some chocolate and a foot massage.

But reality looks like I'm getting an apple and a bathroom that needs scrubbing.

I love reality.

Ok, seriously, here were my options.

  • Make a graham cracker cupcake and frost it with lime butter cream.

  • Make a vanilla cupcake and frost it with a lime whipped cream.

I didn't like either of those options. They just weren't right. I can't explain it. It was a feeling.

So, I plotted and planned and came up with this.

Look at her, she's beautiful. She's mysterious all wrapped up in that souffle cup. What's happening beneath all that fluffy whipped cream?

It's a vanilla-lime cupcake, sprinkled with a graham cracker topping.

And you don't have to wear the leopard slippers while you're baking, but they might make you feel adventurous and creative! I know from experience that they'll make you trip while dancing around in your kitchen...and cause your dog to act like he's chasing a cheetah. If you're not into that kind of thing, stick with the pink fluffy slippers.

Back to cupcakes: Next came a home made no-bake key (persian) lime pie filling (aka: throw some stuff together in a bowl and see how it comes out!).

See how it has just a hint of delicate green coloring? Thank you Wilton gel food coloring for helping me perpetuate the 'illusion' that anything that tastes like lime should be green.

I don't think it's just me. I'm pretty sure you would have wondered at a white lime cupcake.

Crisis averted.

And because I roll with excess I whipped up some heavy cream with just a touch of confectioner's sugar, and a hint of vanilla, and dropped a dollop of that on top. Oh yeah, and then I sprinkled them again with the graham cracker topping...mostly 'cause I thought it was perty!

And there you have it. A tart little cake with a lot of attitude.

I had some of that filling ladies and gentlemen. It's not for the faint of heart.

There is some serious lime flavor wrapped up in that mini morsel!

I controlled myself and somehow managed to only eat one...and a spoonful of filling. And then I might have taken some of that fresh whipped cream and swirled it on top of my coffee this morning. I might have. Ok, I did.

It might be a new obsession. Maybe. Yes, it definitely is.

Oh my, I'm picking up so many good ideas for life!

Here are a few more:

1. The people who make Wilton food coloring do not mess around. If your pointer finger accidentally comes into contact with some green food coloring while minding it's own business, it will end up semi-permanently tinted green.

A lovely shade of green. But green nonetheless.

And let's be honest, that's just weird.

2. I am in desperate need of one of those nifty juicer contraptions. Not a full fledged 'I can make my own juice from pineapple cores' kind of juicer. I'm a simple girl with simple needs. I just need that little cone-shaped deali-o that tells those citrus fruits who's boss. My tiny baby hands just aren't cutting it.

3. I really do need to start writing things down. Every batch of cupcakes comes out differently because I'm constantly changing things. This time I added some vanilla pudding to the mix to see if it would make the cake more moist. (sorry honey, I know you hate that word!) It made the cakes moist, but it also made them fall. Which, incidentally, turned out great because it provided a lovely resting place for my lime filling.

I love it when everything turns out exactly as I've planned.

Ok, let's be honest, I don't plan these things out!

I love it when everything turns out exactly as I've hoped!

Oh wow, look at the length of this post.

Clearly I had some things to say about limes!

I'll be quiet now. And let you vote on next week's cupcake.

Chocolate is making a return.

I think one week without it was enough for me. How about you?

Whatchya thinkin'?

1. Caramel Chocolate Pretzel: Chocolate fudge cake, swirled with salted caramel butter cream frosting, rolled in crushed pretzels and drizzled with caramel and chocolate.

2. Eclair: Moist yellow butter cake, filled with creamy vanilla custard, drenched in chocolate fudge ganache.

3. Hello Dolly: Fluffy vanilla cake, topped with butterscotch and chocolate chips, pecans, and coconut, then drizzled with sweetened condensed milk. No frosting necessary!

Oh my goodness...maybe I'll make all three!

Go vote!


Anonymous said...

Hi Katie! This is now my new favorite!!!! Yummy!!!!! Love it!! - Jessi

Julia Anderson said...

Seriously, Eclair?!!! That one is for me right? RIGHT?!!! AH! You know about me and eclairs! Our love is true and right. Anyway, your persian lime cupcakes look amazing! Another great win for you! You are really racking up the cupcake points:)

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