Thursday, January 14, 2010

Summer in a cup!

Creamy orange.

Dreamy vanilla.

Creamy, dreamy orange vanilla.

It's here, it's here, get the door!

Think Creamsicle in a cup!

Moist, orange vanilla cupcake, hand whipped vanilla butter cream filling, pure delight!

Tangy orange on the outside, smooth creamy vanilla on the inside.

And just because I like to go overboard...whipped orange buttercream frosting to top it off.

Oh, and I lied about the sprinkles. Remember when I said there might be sprinkles? It just wasn't in the cards. Clearly I was delusional. It happens.

I think they're ok without decide.

Here's where I'd like to take a moment and remind myself (as well as those of you who may be baking cupcakes) of a few key tips I've gleaned from this week's challenge. I think I'll print them out and post them on my fridge.

1. Maybe don't try to scoop your delicious, citrus batter into a bag when you're all hopped up on a Caribou Coffee mocha. This is what happens. Tragic batter loss.

2. Don't go on a self-imposed "dessert" ban right before you start a cupcake baking challenge. It's cruel to you, to your belly that screams for cupcakey goodness, to your husband who has to listen to you whine and to your dog who has to watch you dance around to the Jackson 5 in your kitchen to try to block out the sights and smells of all the delicious caketastic goodness you're missing out on.

3. Go with your gut and when a recipe calls for 4 eggs, knock that bad-boy down to 2-3 eggs and add some milk for moisture. You'll feel better about yourself.

4. For goodness sake, don't turn off the kitchen timer, declaring the mini morsels inside your oven need one more minute and then go sit down and blog. You'll end up with two-toned, orange on top, brown on bottom cupcakes. And that is not what you were going for! Unless that is what you are going for and then definitely go ahead and do that.

All that being said, I do highly suggest you make some orange or lemon or strawberry dessert - especially if you live in a frozen tundra.

Stick it to the man and declare summer inside your kitchen!



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